New user: Please help me to receive and make tips


I am a new YouTube publisher, I just made a nice review of Brave Browser in Italian and I am soon going to make it in English, Spanish and French too as I speak these languages fluently.

This is my new video (in Italian):

I have registered my publisher account and have my own personal ref links.

Where could I find my personal tip link for people to tip me as I only see a banner but cannot understand how to embed it in my channel?

Also, how can I tip others myself when I like their contents?

Thanks a lot for your help, have a nice day!

@tenerifemoney see

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@eljuno thanks so much for the quick reply buddy… how about others tipping me? How do I find my code to embed in the channel for others to tip me?

The link you sent me seems to cover just myself tipping other publishers.

Thanks again!

It’s same, @tenerifemoney. Other user just need to visit your channel and click BAT triangle icon at URL bar to tip your channel.

No “code” needed from your end. It’s available with the browser itself.

Thanks so much @eljuno for your kindness to help me.

Just to make sure I understand the procedure correctly, please, let me ask you one additional question.

I am registered as a publisher and I have submitted my YouTube channel to the portal as a site.
Also, I have customized my banner and submitted it a few days ago.

However, if I visit my YouTube and press on the BAT icon in my Brave browser it tells me that my channel is not verified.

Am I missing something perhaps? If not, how long does it usually take for a partner to be approved and verified by Brave?

Thanks a lot buddy, truly.

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please, can someone answer my question?

I have verified my YouTube channel [] in my publisher dashboard a few days ago.

I have also personalized my banner, but still my channel does not appear to be verified and available to receive tips.

What am I doing wrong / missing?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Kind Regards,

Apologies for late response, @tenerifemoney.

Are you already connect a verified Uphold account to your creator account?

Hi @eljuno thanks for your reply buddy… no apology needed at all.

I have my own verified Uphold personal account which is what I use to receive the rewards I generate from my private day-to-day browsing activity.

I would assume that I have successfully connected the same Uphold account to my creator account, as if I click on “Uphold” in my channel listing on my creator account it takes me straight there to this very same Uphold verified account.

Thanks for your kindness and assistance, very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Maybe because you already logged in before.

On your creator account, did you see if it’s said “connected”?

Also, what message that you see when you:

  • visit your channel
  • and click the BAT triangle icon at URL bar?

cc @asad @steeven for additional assistance.

Hi again @eljuno .

Yes, it does say connected as you can see below.

Perhaps selecting the balance to be converted into BTC could be an issue?

If I visit my channel, feel free to inspect it yourself at (feel free also to delete the link afterwards if it is not allowed) the attached message appearsScreenshot 2020-01-17 at 08.18.27

Refreshing the status does not make any difference unfortunately.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

Can you try re-verify your channel again, @tenerifemoney?

cc @asad @steeven

Thanks eljuno, I have removed the channel and then verified it again (unfortunately a new ref link has been created which now forces me to edit all the social network advertisements I made about my Brave browser video review).

I’m puzzled really, as it shouldn’t require me to go through all of this (and have a new ref link too, as I said above not ideal) to verify my YouTube channel!


Please @Asad @steeven I would be very grateful if you could look into this for me too.

Kind Regards,

At last I am happy to announce that my channel is now verified! :muscle: Thanks so much @eljuno!

I have no idea what went wrong the first time as I did exactly the same procedure again.

It’s sad that I have lost my old referral link by removing and adding the channel again though as I gave it to a lot of my contacts :frowning:

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Glad you finally verified – appreciate your patience with the back and forth!

It was likely an internal server hiccup going on when you first attempted verification. From as far as we can tell, you did everything right. Let us know if you need anything else.

Thanks @Asad

The only additional question I have is: what happens now to my old referral link for the YouTube channel? As I removed and then added the channel again in my publisher account I was given a new referral link and I no longer see the stats for the old one.

Has the old link disappeared forever, therefore?

Thanks for clarifying it for me.

Kind Regards

Yes, the old link is no longer usable. It will probably just spit out a 404 if you try and link to it.

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