New update for Brave Payments Verification?

Hello, this is my first time writing here.
I have a wordpress website and I did not install your plugin
brave-payments-verification because the last update was 4 years ago.

Do you have another newer plugin or do you plan to update soon?

Is there another solution?

Hello @bob14

cc @Mattches @chriscat

You can try other method


Thks Eljuno.

If I use the method with the “brave-payments-verification” plugin to do the verification …
can I remove the plugin from my site afterwards?

To be even clearer, after verification, the “brave-payments-verification” plugin - can it be removed from the world or should it remain?

sorry for this question, but I don’t speak English well and I discover all this every day ^^

Hello @bob14 ,

Yes, you can remove the plugin after the verification process done.

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I understand better why it has not been updated especially if no one keeps it on the site. Ok, great thank you.

Another question before we finish.

I would like to make some suggestions on the brave browser, do you have an address for that?

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re: suggestions → You can create a new thread under #feedback:browser-feedback or #brave-feature-requests category if you have any feedback/suggestions/feature request.

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Ok, I’m going to put all of that aside and familiarize myself with the place a bit.

Thanks for your quick responses! Have a good day ! :sunglasses: :+1:

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