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I verified a few WordPress sites I own which led me to install a plugin. There are no clear directions on where to insert the code.

I’d like to help contribute to making the barrier of entry for those verifying their WordPress site easier. I work for Automattic and have a strong background in WordPress. Is this something that would be of interest to the community?

PS. Please capitalize WordPress on your landing page :slight_smile:


Hi @michaeltieso,

Thanks for flagging this, and for your generous offer to help.

We’ve made modifications to the plugin, and are working to get the changes approved. We should be okay for this iteration of the plugin, but PHP and WordPress is not our speciality, and it would be great to have you as an expert to contact.

If you’re interested, this is the repo




@nvonpentz @michaeltieso

I tried twice to verify using the Well-Known URIs which didn’t work and then I installed the Brave Payments Verification and tried to verify again but still nothing. If change approvals are still pending I guess I should sit tight and try again later?


@michaeltieso @tylerfugazzie

The plugin has been accepted by WordPress! Try verifying your site, and let me know if you have any problems.




Awesome! Congrats! I’ll take a look soon. :slight_smile:



I had tried the verification again after you posted this and nothing happened. I’m trying it once again. My .htaccess file is configured correctly. I know I need to wait again to see if this next verification goes through but this may be my sixth time trying to verify and this is spanning weeks at this point.

Are other WordPress publishers getting verified without issue? I can’t tell if this issue is more localized as I still don’t see many threads regarding WordPress. Though lack of those threads could mean people are getting verified without issue?

Please point me to any other troubleshooting that may be helpful or I can work with someone(s) from the team to try to get this resolved.

I’m still hanging tight because I believe in this product and understand the virtue of patience but this is frustrating. creators are a big potential pool of Brave users and BAT beneficiaries so we need to ensure this is ironed out as there’s still too much barrier to entry for publishers running WordPress if the first and crucial step is this frustrating. First mover disadvantage I suppose.

cc @michaeltieso

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