New to the brave community

Just joined Brave anything i should know?

Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, when I first joined, I found the Community forum very confusing. To me, it was not a typical Community forum. Come to find out, Brave Community Forum is actually a Brave Support Forum and the focus is on reporting and troubleshooting problems with the various Brave products and features. If you keep that in mind, then navigating the categories will probably be much less painful for you than it was for me! :smiley:

You will see a lot of negativity but it is mostly users just venting their frustrations. Understandable, I’ve been there myself. Occasionally there are cases where the venting goes a little too much to the crazy side if you know what I mean. lol

Community members and staff overall are helpful. If you have any specific questions, just ask. If you don’t get a response, just bump your post and usually someone will respond, even if it is with a “I don’t know”. I do that a lot. :sweat_smile:

If you have a problem, try searching the forum before you post asking for help. A lot of problems can be resolved looking at topics with similar issues. Also, there is a lot of useful information in the Help Center and Resources category and the Brave Help Center. Some of the articles in the Help Center are outdated but it is still a good resource for understanding the basics.

Hope this helps and, again, welcome to the community! Take care. :smiley:

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