New tab page improvements

There is a great deal of unused, wasted space on the new tab page, as the screenshot shows.

  • You are only given 8 links even though there is space for dozens.
  • You cannot rearrange them.
  • You cannot rename them.
  • You cannot tweak the URL.
  • You cannot display bookmarks.
  • Indeed, you cannot customise them in any way except deleting.


This is the first thing you see every time you open a new tab, and it should be a rich, purposeful, fulfilling portal to the internet.

It should make me want to open new tabs just to marvel at its splendour.

Please make it better.


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I concur this will be a great addition, it would be a great addition to be able to add custom links to the list.


+1 Even tho it’s been a long time since this post the new tab page is still missing all these useful feautures I think are pretty much necessary for a great browsing experience. Especially I’d love the ability to customize the links shown on the page since at the moment they’re pretty much useless for me. Actually the whole new tab page is pretty useless as it is right now and I only sometimes randomly use it to look at my adblock stats.


Both the desktop and android versions of Brave need some customization to the NTP. At the very least, let users adjust how many recent/frequent links are shown. I would like to see more options there, and I’ve seen lots of threads complaining about them and wanting them gone. It would be nice to just add a configuration with a slider to choose how many links should show up there.

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Why not have a second couple of rows that is populated from a special Bookmarks folder (Home links) then just use the UI for adding bookmarks to make changes to what is shown on the New Tab/Home page?

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Brave developers should take a look at Kiwi. In Kiwi I can define this bookmarks.

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