New IOS Sync issue ver 1.19.2

New IOS version does not have a sync function under settings

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Expected. Until Sync v2 is available for iOS.

Thanks for the quick response



@eljuno and Brave devs:

Sorry, this is unacceptable. Brave just removes sync without any notice. Really? And no, the little popup does not mention anywhere that sync will be removed.

So again: You remove sync without notice, without telling users what is going on without anything???

As the many forum posts show users are confused and angry. And rightly so.

Brave wants to be a big player and at the same time acts like a basement script kiddie. This is not how you treat your users or interact with them. Label Brave on iOS beta or a hobby project or whatever … but Brave acts totally unprofessional here!

Well, @Brave_user, I’m only providing answer. I’m not part of the team and not make the decision myself. :sweat_smile:

Based on the issue linked above, you should get a “notice” via App Store’s Release Note and/or in-app notice.

Not an attempt at being pedantic(?), but Sync v1 is an Experimental Alternative-choice you could enable at Brave://Flags.

I don’t believe it has ever been elevated beyond such status in an official statement until Sync v2’s laudible proclamation.

Brave is, what, four years old?

Microsoft is forty years old and only just did create a decent browser.

Google Chrome is almost twenty if not older.

Brave’s gonna give to ya!

Hold on.

App notice only says Sync get worked over. That’s all. And no, Brave did not care about proper release notes in the App store. This is exactly what my rant was about.

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If it’s not an open source, for-the-love-of-the-project project, I don’t even know what are and who does submit remotely fleshed out release notes.

I’ve never seen the App Store. Plus I’ve definitely developed a bias toward Samsung Android models, specifically the Galaxy Series.

Could I ask: with iOS to Mac Sync, or what have you, did more than only bookmarks sync?


Only bookmarks will sync - on any platform.

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