Brave browser desktop features request/improvement on the current features

1: An ability to centre the bookmarks.
2: A properly WORKING reader mode. I know there is a “Speed reader” which doesn’t do anything.
3: A built-in web translator
4: Being able to customize the main menu, for example resizing the main menu, move the icons or extensions anywhere on the main menu.
5: A built-in Tab groups feature (The current tab groups experimental feature looks awful)
6: A built-in full Dark mode allows darkening the web content (The existing dark mode is not effective). The experimental for dark mode is an example of that, however there are no customization.

Yes, but I have tab groups without the flag (v 1.26.74). I think we should also send requests to Google so they get more attention and reach users of other Chromium based browsers like Chrome, Edge, ungoogled Chromium, Iridium, etc…

Good requests.

Yes some of these are required features and they will be developed soon by the Brave Team .
3 is not at all required and 6 is somewhat required.

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Posted it on Brave’s subreddit.