New Feature: New Window and New Tab Page URL Customization


One feature that would help conserve some human energy is to allow overriding the default New Window and New Tab Page urls. Currently, someone who always wants the new tab page to go to a specific URL has to do this manually each time a new tab is created. For comparison, Firefox allows the user to configure the New Window page URLs. I think it would Brave would one better by allowing to configure the New Window page URL as well as the New Tab page URL (instead of the default Brave one) or if there is a reason why this is not done so that would be helpful to know as one could just make an extension for this instead of hoping it would land in core any time soon.

Screenshot of Firefox configuration option for new windows

Hey sg1,

If you go to brave://settings/appearance and select Show Home button, I believe this will be what you’re looking for.

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