Need help with the dark mode on pc

@Mattches the dark mode seems to be glitch when i have dark mode on only the page that can be seen fist is loaded in dark but when u scroll down it is white

I know that it is currently not in dark mode I was seeing if it would persist after changing to back and forth but it seemed to do nothing

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m wondering if this issue specific to rather than Brave. Do you see any other sites displaying this way or just Google?

If just Google, can you click the “gear” icon on the top right, set it to “light” and see if the issue persists?

Some other site have the same issues

Can you share some examples of other sites where you see this?

sites like um pornhub and most sites that have a default dark theme thou it doesnt happen to all like youtube darkmode works perfectly how it was intended to

I would be quite surprised to find out Pornhub has a “light mode” :joy:

:point_up: Have you tried this for to test and see if it helps?

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