Need Dividers with Option to Add Title to Divider in bookmark folders

Lots of us use folders for bookmarks, but it seems our only option is to pile bookmarks into folders. For example, I just bought a very used old motorcycle that I want to rebuild. So I need several bookmarked links that fall under “Parts”

Then I need a bookmarked section in that same folder under a divider titled “Service Videos”

And finally another divider section in that same bookmark folder titled “Ideas”

This would be awesome and really stand out among FFox and Chrome. Brave has become my goto browser after a decade or two running FFox, Sea Monkey and waaaaay back, Netscape Mosaic. Seems there is another one in there somewhere before Sea Monkey, but never MS products and almost never chrome. Never cared for Chrome.

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This is how I solve this problem today:

You drag and drop to make a new separator with a default name of a bunch of underscores. You can edit the default name and insert any text or emojis the middle of the set of underscores.

Basically this is a do-nothing URL with a name that looks like a separator, that’s all.