Nagging suggestions to change language

I have used Brave on my mobile phone for around a year, and I have been satisfied with it. And since it became impossible to get Opera to start with clean pages, without any news, I was about to change to Opera for Brave on my MacBook, and to install Brave on my new WIndows PC.
However, the lasts days Brave has started to to offer to change/translate every page I visit. It has been nagging, and I haven’t found any way to turn it off. There is no obvious way to turn this serivece off and never be pestered by it again.
When I need a browser I need it fast. I need it on the move. On the street. And I don’t have time for this. …so today I uninstalled Brave and installed Firefox instead.
I will suggest that make a very obvious way for the user to decline pop-up offfers/service like this.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve uninstalled the browser already. If you’d like to test, however, you can try navigating to Settings --> Languages --> Offer to translate pages in other languages and toggling this option off.
See if this resolves the issue, I’m very interested in the answer to this.

This doesn’t work. Even if you turn off the suggestion + adding my other languages I use it keeps aanoying me every refresh even after closing brave. Makes me lose my mind

Sorry for the inconvenience. Im going to go ahead and log this isue in our github for our team to review. Would you mind telling me what type of device you’re using?

OnePlus 3t Android 8

Sorry for the late response!
I did get that logged for you here. As I mentioned before, we’ve had several users bring this to our attention so we’ll get this looked at as soon as we can.
Thank you again for recaching out to us. Logged issue can be viewed and tracked here:

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