Translation to default language

Hello sir,
I would like to request you to add auto translation of pages to default language feature in brave browser for android and ios
I have seen many browsers have this feature by default nowadays (i.e google chrome, etc) or have an extension to enable this feature (i.e firefox).
It had be requested by lot of people too. And i currently think is/would be the biggest drawback of using brave on mobile os.
This feature os a basic necessary one to provide better service to both existing and new users and also make them completely migrate to brave from chrome/Safari on their android and ios device.

Kindly look into this issue.
I would be very grateful to you if this feature is added as soon as possible to brave ecosystem (making myself shift to brave completely)


Sorry for any inconvenience

Yours sincerely


Hi, unfortunately, I’m afraid you don’t have any answers. I also made this request.
There is a link here, , but everything is so confusing that it is difficult to understand if this function is available or not. Some even want to deactivate it, the height of ridiculousness for those who want to activate it. lol.
Let me know if you have found the solution. Thank you!

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