My son hasn’t received a reward for 2 months!

Hi everyone!
My son hasn’t received a reward for 2 months!
December : Estimated : 2.5 → Earning: Nothing !
January : Estimated : 0.665 → Earning: Nothing !

Nothing has changed regarding the setting and use. No VPN… it’s very strange. Is it a bug?
Any ideas? Can anyone help me to resolve the issue?
Thank you very much!

PS:Facebook friends tell me they have the same problem since December.

@Marcus74 I could potentially ask you a bunch of different questions and try to troubleshoot with you but I’m going to just make a wild assumption that maybe everything is fine on your end and it’s just part of one of the many problems that has been going on lately. Overall, if you can check out a post that I made earlier and then the following the instructions in regards to who to contact him what information to provide, it will help.

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