My settings screen does not include the "see all settings " button

In the help page, it says to click the menu button, scroll down and click settings, which opens “general settings” page where I can click “see all settings.”
That is not what happens. When I click settings, it always takes me to “Get started”, which I’ve done a hundred times, and no “see all” button exists there.
It is a hassle. Please advise.

Hello @Saamm, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Are you talking about Brave help center ? Whenever you click on settings by default it takes you to the get started page. Would you mind sharing a screenshot so we can have a better understanding. Thanks in advance.

From the search screen using 3 dots menu. There is a settings icon as well, but it goes to a different settings menu. What I’m looking for is easy access to cookies and site data settings. Thanks

A further explanation, From the get started screen I have to use search settings (magnifying glass) to continue on to the rest of these settings. Typing the word ‘settings’ does the trick, but shouldn’t I be able to just scroll down to see the rest? Thx
p.s. I see why you asked about the help screen. I figured that part out after posting and forgot about it. As I said, I’d just like to have easier access to the rest of those settings.

Hello again @Saamm, apologies for the delay! Is this still an issue for you?

I too am having this problem and am rather distressed. I came here for help about this and kept getting pushed towards brave rewards, finally I find this posting and there is no meaningful help.

When I click the three dots then settings all I get is the get started page. I was able to change some settings by using search and deliberately finding them. How is this acceptable? I recently switched to brave on my phones, no such problem. I am using mint 21.1. This borders on shady, and if we can’t resolve it i’ll simply move my computers and phones away from brave. Any thoughts?

I am having the same issue - minimal settings screen. The only extensions I have on the browser is my password manager and Zoom. So, don’t know what’s preventing the full settings menu from showing.

Just found if you use “all” in your Search, it brings up all the settings. :slight_smile:

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They overlooked the menu disappearing with smaller window/screen sizes. It looks like there’s already an open issue here:

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