My reward is not reflecting on my wallet

This is my fourth time of making this complaint about my reward not dropping into my wallet since the day i signed up for this programme, right now my wallet is showing 0.00 as balance but i have 3 reward notification popping up in my brave browser but the are not dropping into my wallet even when i click the CLAIM button it will display a message saying Oops sorry something went wrong, please try again later. I don’t know why this problem has persisted. Please i want to appeal to the support agent please if you guys can not help me salvage a solution to this, you guys should let me know so that i can totally forget about it instead of putting so much hope and at the end i get so disappointed because the problem will still persist. I wonder why the support team have not taken upon themselves the responsibility of salvaging a solution to this or if its beyond them then the forward it to the necessary department or authority that will handle it ones and for all. Please you guys need to do something. Thank you

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