My mistake, but help me recover: ios browser crashed, I said "NO" to restoring tabs

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Description of the issue:
ios Brave browser crashed and, without thinking, I replied NO to “do you want to restore open tabs?” But I do want to restore open tabs.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Crash browser on iPhone
  2. When prompted to restore open tabs, respond NO
  3. Scream when you realize what you’ve done

Expected result:
I had read that force-closing the app would prompt again, but it does not.
I have tried to set up synching between my iPhone and Windows 10 Brave browser so that my open tabs would always be synched and available on my notebook computer, but there’s nothing under “other devices” on the Windows browser history.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.47 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone SE (2016) on most current ios

Additional Information:
Seeing a lot of people asking, but no one getting answers. Hope there’s a database somewhere (iphone or windows) that I can access that contains the tabs I had open!

I’m curious if I was synching Open Tabs, why there’s nothing under “Tabs from other devices” in History on the Windows device… ? Is this data still accessible on the windows device in the Brave databases, somehow?

I got somewhat lucky in that I had done a backup of my iPhone to iTunes on my Windows PC right before I lost my tabs. I found that I could browse my backup (using iExplorer) and found the App Group/ folder, which contained screenshots from what appeared to be at least some of my recently open tabs. From those screen shots, I was able to find the URLs I’d had open. Once I opened those, History > Tabs from other devices showed all the URLs.

Where do we request that either this list be exportable, for safekeeping (since it disappears if you crash and answer the prompt wrong), OR that the main history window also contain these tabs from other devices, but they’re somehow flagged as being from other devices?

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