My brave rewards started decreasing and all of them lost to zero

till the mid of last month, I had around 5.55 brave rewards, and when it was about to reach 6, all of a sudden it came to 2.8. I thought that there must be some problem and it will be recovered after some time but here, the month has ended there is no sign of them. And when I check my rewards today it came to ZERO. How can I get them back ???

Hey @good1 ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

The way Brave Rewards work is that every month, your Estimated Earnings reset to 0, representing a new month of fresh earnings.

The issue is that in recent months the Estimated Earnings counter has not been resetting properly and your ad earnings in one month would carry over into the next month making the counter either not reset or decrease unexpectedly.

You can see more about this in the post here → Heads up: Estimated pending rewards counter fix

Hope this helped!


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