My Bat payment date shifted from 6 June to 6 july and I don't received a single bat in my wallet. The payments for the verified and unverified wallets have been completed for may 2021

My payment date shifted from 6 June to 6 July and I don’t received my rewards in my wallet yet. Please help me @steeven

My friend has also a unverified wallet and has received has 0.680 batbat in his wallet but I don’t got a single bat​:pensive::pensive:. This make me shameful when I recommend brave to other people.

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Payout is not until the 6th tho, and it can be delayed quite afew days after that. I would not worry until maybe 2 weeks from now. You might end up getting it. I would not worry much about the shift to July 6th, as it is just some sort of glitch w.e. you want to call it in the system. Have you been paid in the past or is this your first expected time to be paid?


This was my first expected payment.

I only ask because this is a roller coaster lots including myself will face. Delayed payouts. There only so much manpower I assume to process millions of peoples BATs, But you should see payment sometime after the 6th. And yes they get delayed by quite a few days aftrer. Sometimes up to a week so be ready for that. But unless the payments get finished and you are still missing, then yes that would be a concern and you would reach out to an admin indeed. But on the 5-6th or so you will see official threads posted, and everywhere you go on this site it will be up on the top banner and you will see payments processing / finished once it gets to that point.

Has the unverified payment processing finished for May month?

As for that july 6th, IDK. But some others have stated theirs shows that as well. Usually for me so far, the next months’ shift does not occur until maybe 2-4 days after the 6th of the month, and never a reason for concern, the prior months payments always gets processed correctly… But yes, there are a handful whose payments do not go thru, and then you reach out for help from the admins.

Do you mean all the ads you obtained during the month of May? If so, no, we are all still waiting for that, hence the June 6th date. And lucky for everyone unverified, because they get paid out before verified do… Although its not gospel, as some verified do get paid here and there during that time. I usually get delayed up to a week after the 6th.

Thanks bro for your help🙏

No pro. I am by no means an expert. I am a novice of novices, but I know what I know from what I have seen/heard/experienced in my short 6 months of using Brave.

Yes, the ads revenue obtained in the moth of may and it was showing the payout day of 6th June and bow the payout day shifted to 6July

The mmost important thing is look out for the official thread that will start around payout time. And like I said, it will be hard to miss as anywhere you go on this site during that timeframe, you will see the payments processing message.

It is always a month behind. Kind of like a job I suppose. So May you will get paid in June. June you will get paid in July. etc.

It’s showing the payout date of 6July for June month but the ad revenue of may month will be credited to my wallet on 6th June. Is that thing right?

Should be. Idk what is up with that mistake with the July 6th showing. But yes your May payouts should be paid sometime in these next coming weeks. Hope that helps

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I have checked my other device where I shows the payout date of 6 June and this device shows me payout date of 6July.

Yeah my mobile actually shows july 6 too. Still pretty sure it is no concern. Only time will tell indeed.

So I’ll get my payout on 6th June?

Hopefully. But it can be delayed a few days later remember.

I have an unverified account. On an average how much dealy?

Not sure, usually unverified gets paid before verified. I would assume give it up to 6 days