Multiple instances of brave browser opening

Here, you will see that brave opens 9 instances of brave browser. I did NOT click 9 times. This is a single open request. Why? How do I stop it?

It’s normal @SchrodingersCat.
Brave use multiple processes to avoid hard crash. Similar with other browsers too.

One for main process. Other/s for each site. Other/s for each extension. etc.

It’s a security feature. I don’t know if you’ve heard about browsers running in a sandbox, but different parts of the program run in different instances. They’re separate from each other so that if there’s a problem with one part of the program, it doesn’t necessarily cause the entire thing to shut down or be compromised. Chrome and browsers based on Chrome all do the same thing. Firefox does too, now.

Thank you very much. I looked at Chrome after reading this and saw you are correct. Chrome does only seem to open 6, but I understand.

Thanks again


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