Moving Extensions on Macbook to another Macbook

How do you move browser extensions and the user data on OSX from one computer to another. I replaced by macbook and used the migration tool with TimeMachine backup which should have moved browser extensions as part of user data but no extensions were available.

I then copied the default folder here and while the extension files were there nothing showing in the browser.

/Users/XXXXXXX/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/

Whats missing here this should have worked?

BTW, I did this for another Chrome based browser and extensions never appeared but when reinstalled all the user data was there. When reinstalled on Brave no user data appeared.

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@Mattches could you please assist?
It might take a while till someone gets back to you since it’s weekend in the US now and team generally works only weekdays.

Did you have more than one browser profile before migrating? If so, the profile you’re looking for may be named (eg Profile 1, Profile 2 etc), rather than Default.

If not, when you actually go into that Default folder, do you actually see your data there? For example, if you click on the Bookmarks file, do you see your bookmarks listed here?

Thank you

There is only one profile. Yes, in the Default folder in the Bookmarks file I see my bookmarks listed there.

Here is a link to a text file which contains folder/file list.

Okay so everything did migrate properly, just the extensions that didn’t? Seems strange — do you still have access to your other macbook?

I copied over the extensions from the original system and confirmed they got copied but were not available in the browser.

Yes, I still have a copy of all the Brave files from the original computer.

I’m not sure why your extensions wouldn’t appear in the browser — your brave://extensions page appears completely blank?

If so I’m not sure what has happened here, especially if everything else migrated properly. Is there a particular reason you’re unable to re-download and install these extensions in the new Brave installation other than it just being a hassle?

I have several extensions which have data. I already tried reinstalling the extensions - that worked of course - but extension did not have any data.

Another Chrome based browser which I use (Vivaldi) also didn’t install the extensions in the browser but when the extension was reinstalled the data was there so must be something with Brave.

I see, you were wanting all related data to be moved over.

:point_up: here you mean you reinstalled the extensions from the chrome webstore in vivaldi and the relevant data was pulled as well? If so (depending on the extension obviously) this should also be working in Brave as well.

In Brave, do you have the Developer mode option enabled on your brave://extensions page?

It looks like you are already getting some help here but I wanted to mention that Brave Sync was made to help with migrating from one computer to another like this. If you’re not opposed to creating a brave sync account on your old macbook, it will collect all your bookmarks, passwords and extensions (you decide what it stores) and then you just log into brave sync on the new mac and everything you want to restore comes over. Doing it this way there is no need to restore brave or any of its files from time machine, just install the latest version of brave directly from the web and log into brave sync. I use this on several computers simultaneously and it helps keep my bookmarks sychronized across all the computers that I use. I use both Mac and Windows machines daily.

Thanks for the tip. It worked great and synced most everything except it appears the data associated with extensions.

Eg. Tabbie Extension which saves groups of tabs

I’ve got dozens of groups saved and no apparent way to get them in Brave on the new macbook.

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