More Interactive Brave News

Currently, Brave news is better than before where we can add our preferred news from anywhere we wanted. That’s so cool, and I love it.

I love reading Brave news, especially on my favorite topic which is “Technology”. However, for now Brave only shows the category as we scrolled the news.

Suggested Features

1. News Reader can select their preffered news category

It would be nice if Brave news reader like me, can select category they wanted to read without scrolling through the news. Sometimes, we only wanted to read about certain topics. For example; I don’t have to go through about some Political news to read my favorite category.

2. Save. Read later.
Sometimes, people just skimming news headlines before they choose what to read and interested to read several news but they have little time to read it. It would be nice if readers can save it to read later with one-click, so that readers can come back to that news later.