Brave News: Further customization of displayed news depending on user interaction and comment section on news articles

Hi there,

From what it looks like the only customization option for which news get displayed is setting news sources to true/false.

An option to further refine displayed news according to user feedback (like in the news section of the Windows 10 taskbar) would be appreciated.

Unfortunately my Brave browser throws an error when trying to upload screenshots here, so it basically goes like this:

  • Located on the bottom right of the news-card is the three dots button that opens a menu next to the article
  • The menu contains the following options:
    1. More stories like this
    2. Fewer stories like this
    3. Hide stories from news source
    4. Manage interests
    5. Save for later
    6. Report an issue

While option 1. & 2. are probably a bit more complex to solve, option 3. should be fairly easy to implement since the functionality is already given in the customization settings for the news sources.

The other options are debatable, but what I think would be a great option (MS seems to also have implemented their own version of this recently) is a privacy-friendly comment section on a news source (for Brave users).

Thank you