More Group shortcuts for Brave

More shortcuts for Brave to make working in Brave a much better experience. Even better than it’s competitors. I’ve decided to use the key combination CTRL + ALT + (something) because that’s the one I found to be unused. There’s no reason why it can’t be a different shortcut command but these are the ones I’ve decided to use because the buttons are all close to one another and each selecting letter has intuitive sense to it.

A shortcut to…

  1. Create a group, CTRL + ALT + F (F being short for Form). This should open up the “Create a new group” prompt and allow me to name the group, give it color etc. To confirm the creation of the group all I should have to do is press ENTER. The command would of course assign my currently selected tab as part of that group.

  2. Assign a tab to a group, CTRL + ALT + G. When I have a tab selected I should be able to press CTRL + ALT + G to assign that tab to a already existing group. This also requires a new prompt menu to be made that allows me to select between the different existing groups in a list by simply pressing the up or down arrow keys (or by mouse as it is now) and to confirm my selection with ENTER.

  3. Close groups, CTRL + ALT + C. By “close” I do not mean remove or delete. I just want to hide the tabs belonging to it. If my selected tab is part of a group. I want to be able to close that group and have the first tab after this group be selected instead (generally an ungrouped tab).

  4. Cycle through groups, CTRL + ALT + V. This would work just like how we cycle through tabs with the CTRL + TAB command but as of this moment the CTRL + TAB command that cylces through tabs skips over groups unless they are opened, that is good intuitive design and shouldn’t change. Instead we need a separate shortcut command to cycle through groups and groups alone. The only difference being that because Windows has occupied the command CTRL + ALT + TAB we have to go with CTRL + ALT + V. This has the added benefit of the “V-button” being close to the F, C and G buttons that we’ve used in the previously suggested shortcuts. In short, CTRL + ALT + V should open up a group and select the first tab in it. Pressing CTRL + ALT + V again should move to the next group, open it and select the first tab.

In conclusion this allows me to more effectively use the Group feature, work efficiently with it and in the browser itself. It works intuitively with how the browser already handles tabs. Brave is lacking in shortcuts in general but this should settle it for groups. For IT professionals working with shortcuts it’s essential. It speeds up the process and simplifies the work. A browser without them gets left behind and a browser left behind by IT professionals receives no love from those that can best give it.

Are these for Windows? On a Mac, CTRL + ALT + C will move the entire Brave window to the Stage Manager right screen. Of course one click will open it again.
So I am looking for a shortcut to contract ALL groups at once. Because whenever one quits Brave all groups come back on as expended, even if they were contracted before. I find it bothersome to contract the groups manually, plus expanded they take all the space and I must scroll. No fun.
I have searched for a solution and yours might work, but apparently only on Windows?

The first one is already available, and you can also group tabs for the same website together.