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For several months I have noted that I have more than 5BAT in my account when I log on to my brave account (Balance: CUrrently reading 5.93BAT and Also below this I have 3.09BAT Reading on my linked youtube account. On the browser page on the right I have 1.175BAT Monthly earning on the Browser Homepage)

Does the 5.93BAT Include the 3.09BAT I have from my Youtube channel? + the monthly Earning of 1.175BAT?

Also, why is the full BAT that I collected the previous month not usually paid out into my uphold account in the next month?

Surprisingly with the 5+ BAT reflecting on my brave account, I have been getting less than 1 BAT on my uphold account (just received 0.85BAT today for last month)

So is there an issue with my account?


At some times when I start brave, I usually see my brave reward listed to be more than 25 BAT then after some time, the amount reverts to the minimal range value (So which is the true value and why does the amount escalate then reduce)?

Lastly on my account dashboard it always says there is trouble communicating with upholding. Try reconnecting. Is this a bag that I should ignore or how can I solve this error?

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