Modify Brave UI Programmatically

I just downloaded built and run the latest Brave Browser code successfully and now i’m planning to personalize the UI. I read that its now using Skia library instead of Muon. Where can i find in the code that for example adding a button or menu in settings (three dots). How to change the look and feel by modifying the colors of the interface? I’m planning to add Themes or something similar to that.

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I’m interested in this to, according to one of the devs, they work on a wiki page (on their github account) to get started as a devloper. Perhaps this will help us understanding the code more easily.
As far as I know brave is compatible with chrome themes (which you can download from the chrome store), so you could create your own chrome theme.

As far as I know, the settings page etc. are web ui pages and therefore built with html,css, js, ts etc.

these are the buttons used there etc.

and this could be the actual code for these.

Everthing else, the actual browser, should be skia and you could browse a little bit in the brave-core repo and experiment with it!

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can give you more details

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I think this is enough at least to get me started. I will look into this links you shared and work from there.
Thank you very much

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