Mobile Wallet to Browser Wallet

Linking up mobile wallet and browser wallet option should be there

Could you please elaborate what you are trying to do and what you would like to achieve?
You statement is too vague to understand.

What do you mean with “mobile wallet”?
What do you mean with “Browser wallet”?
What kind of link are you looking for? Linking what? And for what?

@maqboolahmedm This can be addressed in two ways, now and in the future.


This is unofficially done by you using the recovery phrase from Wallet on one device on the second device. Once you do this, both are able to use the same Wallet.


Some of the staff from Brave have mentioned that they are looking at building out something that would essentially let Brave Wallet sync across devices, possible as part of Sync. However there’s no estimated timeframe for it and it may never arrive.

It is, as I described under NOW section. Well, that’s assuming you are talking about Brave Wallet and you aren’t talking about Rewards?

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