Mobile App has not paid me when clicked claim rewards and has wiped my balance to zero

on Brave for last few months on Android phone my browser asked me to claim rewards. I clicked it and it just did a spinning circle for over 5 minutes. I then clicked to check it had worked and nothing has been paid and my balance is now zero. I can’t remember my balance but sure something was there, but now nothing has been paid.

Brave 1.26.74, Chronium 91.0.4472.124, Android 11; Build/RP1a.200720.012

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no) No

What date did you verify your wallet? N/a

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? I believe I have had at least one payment previously, but I have a few brosers and may have remembered that wrong, but sure I have at least once

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no) No

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)? Yes

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)? Yes

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold?? yes

See the below one drive links for
Log from the internals page
screen shots

Hi I use brave on my android phone and have done for a few months.

Today it said to click to claim rewards and when I did the icon did not stop spinning for over ten minutes. When I went back and checked it had reset everything to zero on my balance and has took all my previous balance and pending rewards.

Attached is the log, nothing listed on promotions and event log

Wallet info

Wallet was not yet created

Balance info

Total balance 0 BAT

External wallet info

Wallet status: Not connected

any help thanks? can provide more detail if required. How do you get in touch with actual support team if no reply?

Still no help ? is there not any support on here, or another way to get help?

Done same thing again this morning, rewards just has a constant spinner in the mobile app and does not give the award and if you back out the option to claim the rewards is gone and your balance is zero paid and there used to be a balance there.

@Mattches Look into this issue, he has attached everything in the link.

thanks, you guys had any joy? still not sorted or heard anythingfor nearly a week since you were going to look into it.

still nothing almost another 2 weeks later, what is the actual customer support contact details? Getting zero help here and keep watching ads which I assume you are getting paid for but your app is not paying me for and has also removed my previous balance.

terrible service

I think you didnn’t read it properly…

It has emptied your balance but you must have gotten something saying " +XX BAT arriving in X days"
You will be getting paid that many BATs in that many days. :confused:

I’ve not read it wrong, this has been going for a few months and my balance is still zero, i used to have a balance on this phone and its all gone, there is no pending award to come listed and does not say any bat arriving in a few days. Check my logs and screen shots.

Its working fine on both my desktop browsers but not on my mobile, i open all ads sent and over several months I have a balance of zero and see stuff in pending awards but then at the end of the month is disapears and my balance remains at zero

uninstalled it, thanks for giving zero support

Its not “My App”

I don’t even work at Brave. I am just a regular user volunteering to help other people out. I don’t work at Brave and I can’t change anything in Brave.

Lol, you should have some patience.

waited a month and been ripped off for all my previous balance and 2 months of bat payments runs failed to credit lol. how long do you wait on hold on the phone for support? feel like this the equivalent of being on hold on the phone for over 4 hours and still listening to hold music lol.

Thanks for your attempt to get me help, I didn’t know what your role was,

but my comment was aimed at the support from brave themselves which seems to be virtually non existent, and looks like its been funnelled to a ignored forum instead of having a real customer service help department.

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