Missing BAT today

My earnings last month was missing today. What happend brave? And I dont have ads received in almost 2weeks. Please explain and help back my bat


@steeven please explain why this is happened

May I ask how many BATs you had? If it were 13.000 BATs then according to your screenshot it seems you have contributed those to someone or it may be auto contributed.

In that case check if your Auto Contribution option is ON or OFF, also if that creator whom you contributed doesn’t has any Brave Publisher account nor any linked channel/website/platform then you’ll get your contribution back in 90 days.

If this is not the case then wait for the reply from staff team member. :slightly_smiling_face:


No. My auto contribute is off. So its impossible if it contributed.

Me too also. My auto contribute is off. And almost a week i did not received ads even if i use brave everyday. :unamused:

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