Migrated from mac to ubuntu 22 profile import issue

Description of the issue:
I copied my Brave Browser folder from my macbook to an ubuntu machine for securing data of my multiple profiles. All the bookmarks, history, passwords are there. But when I open brave and try to type, it opens the print dialog, which appears on pressing “ctrl+P” keys. I am not pressing any keys. Similarly when I try to type in the search bar by pressing t or n, it opens a new tab or window (again seems it thinks the ctrl key is pressed, but it is not). My keyboard is fully functional and working good. No issues in other apps or browser. Also saved passwords are not working after the import but that’s not an major issue for me.

How can this issue be reproduced?
(Not sure if it can be reproduced but I am facing it)

  1. Copy Brave Browser data from macbook
  2. Paste it on the ubuntu machine
  3. Open brave and try to press p or t or any key (nothing is working, I am using text editor to past anything if I want to type in search bar)

Expected result:
Brave should function normal but for my case that is not happening, seems ctrl is stuck which is not in reality.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.56.11

Additional Information:

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