MIDI devices not supported

When I connect a USB MIDI controller, it is not detected by Brave.
I’m using online DAWs such as Soundtrap and Bandlab.
The MIDI controller is detected fine on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for all DAWs I tried it with. This is specifically a Brave issue, which says “This browser doesn’t support MIDI devices”. It could also be related to Chromium, which seems to be having the same issue, based on reports in their subreddit.

I’m not sure what to do here. The support for this issue seems to be lacking. Another thread also raised this concern and got no real help Qmidi keyboard wont work on brave browser

Ditto. Under Ubuntu, I can’t use my MIDI keyboard on the flowkey.com website.

With Chrome, there’s no problem.

I have confirmed that this issue is fixed in the latest Brave versions (beta and release/stable) when installed from the apt repository. This issue still exists in the Snap and Flathub packages (unofficial). So if you’re, like me, having this issue, just install Brave from the official apt repo: https://brave.com/linux/

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