Audio interface stopped working in Brave


My audio interface (Motu M4) has always worked great with Brave browser. I am on Windows 10. Recently the main (1-2) outputs have stopped working with Brave. Outputs 3-4 do work, but when I select the main outputs, there’s no sound or visual indication on the M4’s screen.

The outputs on the interface work normally with every other program (Reaper, Audacity, Windows Media Player), and in other browsers, so I think it’s a Brave issue. I updated to the latest version (1.58.124) but the issue persists.

Thanks for reading; I’d appreciate any tips.

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I had the same problem, but now none of the audio outputs are working. I was waching with headphones and the audio just stopped all of a sudden. It is not the machine, as audio works when on Edge, all media players and premiere pro - it’s just Brave.

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