May Rewards - Not getting the full amount

I am not getting the full amount I should get in my May Rewards Payout.

Most of my May Payout is still in the ‘Estimated Earning’ and only +0.035 BAT May rewards is what they are saying will be paid. Please fix this brave, not cool.



I’m getting about the same pay out as you 0.338


I’m having the same issue. I’m getting the pay out as 2.936 out of 6.040 BAT



it’s every month now, there’s always something going on with their payment system


Similar issue. Shows 0.22 BAT will arrive in 7 days.

(Normally it’s 10-16 BAT per month. Even the estimate shows 10.406.)

Please help?

Same problem here 0,25 only to be paid. BAT keeps accumulating as estimated every month

0.11 Rewards from 9.54 Earning. When will the correct amount be received?

Screenshot from 2022-06-01 09-30-46

I’m sorry but I win
Immagine 2022-06-01 091510

This is getting ridiculous. This story has been going on for months

Same problem for me! Also happened last month, I hoped this month it would have been fixed.

I have the same issue and even filled out a special form and submitted log files without getting a reply.

The same error,
using on my smartphone and desktop

Same error as well. makes no sense

Same here. kind of dissapointing.

Also it’s not like I’m having this issue for this single month. But I’m having this issue from last 3 months.

Same error: my May payout is 0.048 out of 7.6 earned.

And the disparity between earned & paid out has been growing each month this year for me.

Can you please submit your logs so we can take a closer look?

Please follow these instructions :

  1. Enable Enable Brave Rewards Verbose logging inside of brave://flags. (Relaunch if prompted)
  2. (If Verbose Logging was already on, please restart your browser)
  3. Go to brave://rewards-internals and click on Logs
  4. Open a new tab and visit, take your hand off your mouse/keyboard/any input and wait for 25 seconds, then return to the logs page and hit the Refresh Button
  5. Download your logs.
  6. Fill out the form on this page and submit the logs →
  7. DM me the case number you are given once you are done.

Thank you.

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I have sent you the case number. Please check.

I have sent you the case number. Please check.

Same issue, every month is the same issue!!

Same for me …