May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

I posted last week the attached image to support with no reply; quite disappointing. On 5 of my devices, all Apple ios I have issues claiming the Ads Rewards and getting the message as shown. My wife initially had a similar issue on her Android mobile but eventually was able to claim; but her issue now is that she cannot Tip anyone as her usual favourite publishers are all unverified for some reason; which in not the case.

Brave is a fantastic Browser, but these rewards claims are a monthly lottery and quite off putting.

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Hi I’m not been paid but my bat token wad taken from my account.

Sorry dev-team, but have to ask you this (but I predict what answer I will get; if any at all):
is the BAT programme even real? Or is it cover-up to fishing strategy? As of today, and with every day passing without this being fixed, Im more & more sure this all is just setup to lure unaware users into providing you (via telemetry) their data so you could sell it/convey some other shady business…

In the light of the above, I have to completely unistall Brave, remove all its traces and stop recommending Brave to other users.

I also have not been paid in 3 month.


I use an old Samsung S4 mini running Android 4.4.2 which Brave are saying is now unsupported and can’t upgrade therefore I won’t be able to get the 60 odd BAT I earned last month and also, I assume, any BAT accrued this month. Been able to claim from this device/OS up until now.

Disappointing to say the least.

for the rewards internals put this in the address bar: brave://rewards-internals/

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Hello all,

If you are not seeing grants and were not paid out, you will need to wait for these upgrade versions in order to successfully claim:

1.18.1 Android

1.16.1 iOS

1.9 Desktop

I know that this has been a frustrating experience, and we sincerly appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue!


Thanks for the information. Do you have any idea when the update will be available?

Hey Brave team !

What’s up ? Hope you re all fine :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t get my BAT from ads i expected on May the 5th…nothing incoming too. i don’t remind the exact amount but i lost something like 15 or 20 bat :tired_face:

Could u plz help me ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’ve been extremely transparent. For me that’s enough. So thank you very much for the way you responded & handled the issue. I’m sure we all learn from our mistakes and issues like this may only make Brave better.

Aside of seeing Claim back in 1.18.1 (Android), I really hope well see Uphold linking (for Android’s Brave app.) before V2 :wink: (if theres a road map, a version in which that’ll be possible, kindly share.)


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We are waiting …i hope you will fix it soon

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Any chance you could push the boat out and give us an estimated deadline you have for getting these updates?


@steeven sir what about the bat lost on the brave beta for android. What do I need to do. As after I claimed the estimated reward decreased and also not received any bat either. But it just showed 33 bat received. Vut nothing was given.

@maarhart we have not yet released the fixes; we just posted the release versions and will update dates as soon as those fixes hit G and Apple for reviews. Stay tuned. The only ask is not to reinstall the browser and you should be able to recover. Thanks


LOL it change now from: ‘‘you will not lost any BAT’’ to ‘‘You should be able to recover’’. There is a huge distance between the 2 guys…


Patience is what is needed right now, besides brave had always delivered on it promises. Just give them the benefit of doubt and let them solve the problem for us all


why the balance in Brave Browser cannot withdraw to an uphold account, even though my uphold account has already been verified

pls help @mandar @steeven

Next to the missing payout and notification of a week ago, it seems like todayʼs update resetted my BAT balance.

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If you are talking about the desktop version… there was still no update.


So if the browser was reinstalled does it mean all BAT is lost forever with no recourse of recovering it? (On iOS)

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Something that is making some noise in my brain is the “coincidence” of this problems together with the Halving of bitcoin. Knowing that because of the halving Bitcoin prices could go up people could feel tempted to change BAT for Bitcoins, decreasing the value of the first one. Are you trying to “control” that by blocking our chances to sell our (?) BATs ?? If we can’t decide what to do with our BATs, are they really ours ??