Claim problem. Couldn’t download

I have claim Problem in brave browser. I couldn’t download monthly bat to wallet.
What should I do?

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Try here,

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same problem I an facing…
I have earned some BAT for April month ,and that BAT i have to get on 5 MAY but the calming option not coming.
so now its showing estimated pending rewards- 9 BAT and date showing 6 june???
and my brave browser wallet not received may month BAT reward.

now what should i do… ?? please help me out.
will i recieved this april month payment with MAY month in june or what??
and what if same problem comes in june month paymnet and ((why i am not getting that claming option where one has to move that BAT icon to circle or traingle to get rewards??))

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@nav @mcagatay: Issue will be solved in the following versions:

1.18.1 Android
1.16.1 iOS
1.9 Desktop

Road map: May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors - #542 by steeven

Just stay patient. And remember, you’re not alone. :heart:
I mean, just see the following thread -

Hi again,
I didn’t solve my problem.
Account confirmation link is no longer valid.
Can you sent me please one more time.
Thank you for your understanding.

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