Maximum Linked custodial wallets

I cannot link my new Brave installation on the same PC. Had to completely uninstall and reinstall Brave. Getting error trying to link the new instance of Brave to my wallet.

Should only have two active installs of Brave linked to my wallet, my phone, and this new browser. Please remove the others.

you can use this to remove 1 device How to submit a wallet unlinking request

This will not work. I have no devices that are currently linked.

Initially you said:

But you’re also saying

Do you or do you not have any devices/browser wallets currently linked to your Uphold account?

I do not. The intention is to have two devices. The mobile device is not yet connected.

So you currently have an Uphold account with 0 devices connected to it? Further, were there ever devices connected/verified with this Uphold account?

I’ve had to re-attach Brave a couple times on this PC. There was another PC which I attached a while back but no longer have.

Currently there should be no valid devices connected to the wallet.

Right, but any time a slot is taken up (whether or not it remains valid) it counts towards the total. So in your case, you’ve hit the maximum number of times you can verify a wallet with that particular custodial account. To resolve this, please submit a wallet unlinking request.

Yeah, I’d submit the unlinking request but it wants me to access a device that is currently linked so I can provide “Custodian member ID.” Since none of my devices are currently linked, it looks like I can’t locate this information.

You can provide your Uphold member ID by logging into your Uphold account. If you’re using the old Uphold layout, please see the instructions in the above link for how to find that information.

If you’re using the new layout:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click the “More” option on the side bar on the left
  3. Click “Profile”

Your Uphold ID is listed here on your profile page.

Ah, I see now. Missed the fact it was an either/or thing. Doh, my bad!
I have submitted using the Uphold ID.


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Thank you. Keep in mind we have many of these requests we are working through and we appreciate your patience.

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