Matrixport Ad looks like a scam can someone confirm?

I received a pop-up ad in the brave browser that took me to this link →

I highly suspect this to be a scam. Can anyone else confirm?

Brave won’t last if Ads become dangerous to click on.

You can´t call somebody a scammer just because you suspect it, proof is necessary, although personally I would not trust any cryptocurrency investment of any kind and Adsense bans all cryptocurrency adverts. But if you don´t like them, simply turn off adverts, it is not that difficult, if you think the ads are dangerous, turn them off.

I agree - I think yubi missed the thrust of this question. Matrixport is a legitimate company; however, the advert is not. Matrixport does not have any offer of this type and the website in the address is all wrong.

Essentially, Brave have accepted an advert from someone holding themselves out to be Matrixport when they are not. While I don’t expect Brave to work out whether a company is a sham (they previously advertised World Markets, which was a crypto scam, but have no issue with Brave on this), but they should have a system in place to make sure that an advert is being placed by the corporate entity that is being advertised. If they don’t then users will quickly lose trust in Brave adverts.

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