Manual rearrangement of bookmarks

Hello, Brave community. This is my first post and I specifically made an account for my request that I wish to be fulfilled.

I would like to request a very vital feature that I believe most browsers need, which is manual rearrangement of bookmarks. Unless I’m blind, there doesn’t seem to be such a feature. I can move around bookmarks to a certain folder, but not in a certain order. This becomes a hassle whenever I add something new, I don’t want to have to create a new bookmarks folder and add them in a certain order to see them in a certain order. It also becomes a repeated process if I add new bookmarks which I do quite frequently, and have to make another new folder to re-organize again. How difficult is this to make possible? At the back of my head, it sounds like something very easily implemented, but things are easier said than done. I hope you can take my feedback into accord and would love to see this feature in a future update.

Avid Brave browser user on android.