Manifest V3- ublock support?

So there’s the whole manifest v3 thing which will gimp third party adblockers. Brave Shields is built in so won’t be effected. However, I consider ublock origin to be the most important extension I have, its functionality is superior to others imo, and it’s also most likely to be updated vs anti adblock stuff like how Youtube is doing recently.

I saw this tweet which was very nice. However I saw elsewhere Brave devs claiming they don’t know if they’ll continue to support manifest V2 after enterprise support ends, and if they do for how long. So I’m wondering, is Brave committed to at least supporting the necessary functions/calls that ublock origin would need once v3 launches, or does the tweet just mean “we’ll support them after Chrome stops (for a year only until the business extension ends)”?

Hello, on your official Twitter account, publicize the topic of ad blockers.

@firion Brave has long said they will be working with uBlock and other extensions to offer support for as long as possible. Nobody knows when that will end or how things will evolve.

The only thing that can be spoken with absolute certainty right now is that Brave has built in Shields using Rust and therefore won’t be impacted with Manifest V3. This is something they have long been explaining to people and we have linked in places such as * Will Shields still work after Manifest V3? and then even greater discussion on it and other things at

You should be able to find articles such as as well.

That makes sense, just wish we knew more, but I guess Brave itself doesn’t know either since we don’t know how Google is going to implement it exactly.

Like I said ublock origin is my most important extension, shields seems cool but it just isn’t as good from everything I’ve seen. If support for full featured ublock gets dropped I’d have to do a firefox based browser instead, and if I have to do that eventually, might aswell do it now and get it over with.

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In which way?

Shields essentially uses all the same filters and rules that you get on uBlock and they are constantly working on making improvements. I know on Desktop and Android, Shields has worked flawlessly for me on pretty much all websites. The only struggle I have is on iOS versions, but that’s due to Apple’s restrictions of how browsers and all work.

I would be curious to hear how you’re saying Shields hasn’t worked as well for you or what features you’re saying are available in uBlock that you feel are missing for Shields?

Brave has said that they will NOT support v2 extensions after Google fully moves to v3. They’re trying to be as evasive as possible to keep people from jumping ship to secure versions of Firefox where all extensions will continue to work correctly.

Rust is nowhere near as effective as uBlock Origin, Ghostery, etc