Google wants to change Chromium code, how will this affect Brave?

It looks like Google wants to change the code in Chromium to alter how ad blocking extensions work in Chrome (and possibly Chromium-based browsers). Is this something that would impact Brave, or does your ad blocking work differently enough to not be impacted by such a change?


This one may can help answer your concern @cynical13


I appreciate the response! And so quickly too.

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Also worth mentioning that Brave’s Shields are not actually an extension. Shields are natively implemented - making changes to how chromium interacts with ad-block extensions shouldn’t actually effect Brave at all.


Thing is when I was using Brave Beta I continued to use uBlock Origin and uMatrix as I have used them across multiple browsers for a year or 2. I just disabled Brave shields sorry. Alas I had to revert back to Chrome in December due to logged and reported issue with YouTube live stream notifications not working for Brave Beta. I keep checking the github report for updates and subcribed to it. Would prefer to use Brave but I make extensive use of this feature.