Chrome / Chromium "Manifest V3" and Brave

Chrome (and hence, Chromium-based browsers … presumably including Brave) will implement “Manifest V3” starting in January 2023. Here are some details from a recent Google blog post.

This isn’t new news. An Electronic Frontier Foundation post from December 2021 doesn’t pull its punches or candy-coat its critical opinion of “Manifest V3”. Here’s another more recent detailed discussion from Ars Technica I’ve read.

I’m unclear how — if at all — “Manifest V3” will affect Brave users. Both the EFF post and the discussion in Ars suggest use of ad-blocking extensions will be impacted, but I’ve read no discussion of whether “Manifest V3” will affect how stuff like Brave’s privacy-protecting “shields” will be affected.


It does not uses the extension API, it will not be affected.


I made a post that brave should make a official blog post on the topic. They have made few tweets on the topic.

Brave shields (adblocking, tracker blocking, anti-fingerprinting) will not be affected by MV3 whatsoever.

Also, google has shifted the timeline from Jan 2023 to Jun 2023 for stable release and till Jan 2024 for enterprise release. Brave will support the enterprise policy meaning MV2 will be available on brave till Jan 2024.

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