Manga website with redirects

Managanato and Mangakaklot somehow attached new tab redirects to the site. The redirects take you to some sketchy sites.

You can do this just by browsing the site and tapping on chapters to read

Fix will be rolled out in the next 24hrs

Will the fix be available for mobile as well?

Yes I think it very likely will.

The problem got worse for the mobile version

The problem is exactly the same, the issue is that the ‘script’ will be changing domains eventually. And that’s the problem, it might work in uBlock most of the time, because uBlock uses a regex rule that does the job automatically, but it is not compatible because of RUST (not Brave itself).

I wish uBlock could fix those rules so they are compatible with Brave, but I mean, I doubt they will do it even if I saw the lookaround feature in some regex and I didn’t see them necessary.

So, the only solution is to keep reporting it until next time you see the problem.

right now today, the script uses domain, in an hour, or tomorrow, next week or next year, will be another domain, which Easylist needs to add to their list so it gets properly blocked.

Block Scripts on mobile for sites like Manganato. So far when I’ve been doing that on those sites, it still loads the manga but it won’t load the ads. Give it a try if you would, @GruteSquad

I wish I could say the same thing for Reaperscans and many other sites, but most of those won’t load the manga/manhwa if scripts are blocked. But somehow, Manganato works.


Btw, @anon57438784, kind of curious if you have any ideas on this: will load perfectly fine with no ads or anything if I open on desktop. But if I go to open it on iPhone, I end up with this little annoying thing that comes up on the bottom of the page every time and I have to click it. It’s an annoying video like ad that plays until you dismiss it and it blocks a portion of the bottom of the screen. I mentioned it to Fanboynz a while back but it’s not been resolved.

Using my Desktop to emulate an iPhone and turning off Shields, I was able to pull the Console info:

A workaround I just realized today is that if I Request Desktop Site it won’t appear. What confuses me is I’m not seeing a different URL like “m.reaper” or whatever to differentiate. But there obviously is a difference in what is permitted to load and all.

So for some reason Shields works to stop that from showing ONLY IF it’s on Desktop mode. If running Mobile version, it doesn’t block it. Trying to figure out what would need adjusted for it to work on default without me having to request Desktop version.

The div element you have highlighted, is child of upper div, that has a width/height property of 417x150px , and id defined, that maybe has a function attached to show only in screen size they fit.
I think :slight_smile: .

@Michael-Alexander Yeah, the part highlighted is just a portion. Included is below, where you see stickyplayervideoclose which is how to close it. And just above it where it mentions empowerplayercontainer or whatever.

Doesn’t seem to be the case. I tested on Desktop with Shields off and the same thing happens. So the first screenshot shows how they have the embedded video or whatever, three blue arrows pointing to it.

Second screenshot shows tiny player that appears on the bottom right of the page if I scroll away from the video up top.

So the site just is trying to force people to see it and is annoying as heck. As to why Shields works if I request Desktop Site but doesn’t work if it stays on Mobile Site, I haven’t a clue. For that, I’ll be waiting to see if Emi or @fanboynz has any idea.

Back to OP’s issue

@GruteSquad Meant to ask, which Mobile are you using? Android or iPhone? (Also, will be looking to see if you tell me if enabling Block Scripts helps you with the issue you were having on Manganato)

Then it seems that is within Shields script, which i can t further explain.
Curios too.


Not much I can say, ||^$3p from EasyPrivacy is the one in charge of that little annoying video, so it is weird how it is working on Desktop more in the iPhone but not as mobile on the iPhone.

Nothing in that page needs advanced features that might not be available on iPhone adblocker compared to desktop/android, everything is simple network requests being blocked, normal cosmetics and everything is in the Default lists.

Since I don’t have an iPhone to test it further, but sounds like a bunch of BS, especially when you can’t really do much on iPhone like you can on Desktop and Android with custom AdBlock rules and all that. Should have been simple but apparently not.

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Im using the android version; its perfect until someone figures out how to bypass the pop-up blocker

I tried blocking scripts before and the pages didnt load…this was a few months ago

I’m having this issue on my Android phone too. There are also ads on the website.

To be clear, you’re saying you have enabled Block Scripts and it’s working for now? (on that site)

And yeah, I know some sites are HORRIBLE when it comes to it. Like completely breaks Shields. Like everything Shields is supposed to stop, slips through. It does pop-up ads, ads on screen, and iframes or whatever they are called. You’d think Shields doesn’t exist at all or was turned off. It’s something that @fanboynz really should look into. An example is below: (You’ll notice when I enable Block Scripts those things don’t appear, but then it doesn’t load the manhwas either)

NOTE: Also discovered the official site is rather than When I navigating to the .net version, I didn’t have any ads and things worked perfectly. They also had more recent updates than the .com one. So I guess is a clone site that’s plagued with trackers, ads, etc. But still, Shields should be protecting and shouldn’t be violated like it was when visiting.

I’ll tag @Mattches as well since he had commented in the past as well.

Managanato and Mangakaklot, now need ||^ as an adblocker rule which Brave allows to be added as custom in brave://adblock

As you can see was already changed, which is the one I reported yesterday. Like I said, that’s why regex rule is important, but if uBlock made it so it wouldn’t be compatible with Brave RUST adblocker, then you can fix the regex rule yourself, but it is better if FanboyNZ fixes it for everyone, everytime the domain changes.

So yes, you need to keep reporting, close this thread, make a new one, and report it again, so FanboyNZ will fix it quicker rather than find a thread with 20000 posts to see why he got tagged.

Should help

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I haven’t checked this for a while but today is the domain being used for the scripts…

Oh wait no… is the one being used! I just went to a manga and I got that one, on page load.

Again, this is how frequent they change so it is impossible to effectively block, without the uBlock regex rule they made.

So to everyone, If you want to deal with this once and don’t bother with it ever (maybe someday), do what I did and modify the regex to work with Brave, I have used it for months and no problems with it.
uBlock is not going to do it even if their unsupported regex lookahead feature is useless in the regex rule and shouldn’t have been added in the first place, it will probably stay that way forever.

Add this and done:

If you decide to add it and it breaks something, not much I can do, you can use ,domain= to restrict the usage to only the domains where it is effective like these Manga websites.

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