Making Yandex your default Search Engine?

Hi, how do I go about making Yandex the Default search engine?

Don’t. All they will do is start spamming you.

If you want to add Yandex as your default search engine, follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser settings by typing brave://settings or use the Hamburger Menu on the top right.
  2. Click on “Search Engines” in the settings page
  3. Click “Manage search engines”
  4. Click the “Add” button
  5. Fill in the following:
  6. Click add
  7. Click the 3 dots next to the search engine you just added
  8. Click “Make default”

Much appreciated. Hopefully the spamming issue won’t be a problem as so far, the results it gives back are far superior to any of the other search engines.

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Text doesn’t transfer.
Have to copy and paste.
Text transfers with other search engines.
Have only three extensions.
None are context menu extensions or the like.

Yandex I found spams a few of my emails.

How do I avoid the constant CAPTCHAs from searching Yandex from the address line?

I followed the directions above to make it my default search engine.

Yandex: been using it for years, much less censored & better results, not curated by the psychopathic powers that shouldn’t be. They may spam you a few emails, while Google & the rest of them will spam your life, censor, dox, control your mind, keeping you in the same feedback loops. Abandon all hope, ye who enter those doors.

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Great search engine, DuckDuckgo is even dead now as it does remove so much from your search. This is the only one I have found so far witch still works. What did happen why did so many searches engine become insanely censured about 8 months ago. DMCA? Does anyone know of any others working each engine?

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I had the Brave app, but I found that the search engines it used censored the results of my searches. I wanted a censor free search engine, so I downloaded the Yandex App and couldn’t believe all the results that came up when I did my first search. I read that you could make Yandex the default search engine in Brave, so I did that. I repeated the exact same search I had done in the Yandex App, but got very different results than before. Brave somehow censored the the results of my search even though Yandex was the default search engine. Brave is just like Google, Bing, and every other censoring search engine. I liked the protection against fake sites and the blocking of unwanted pop ups that Brave offered, but I value a censor free search engine much more. I deleted the Brave app and picked another app for protection against fake sites and unwanted ads, and it also offers protection against spyware and malware. I now use Yandex. I don’t need some corporation determining what I should and should not be allowed to read. I can decide that for myself.

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