Making "Bookmark this tab..." and "Bookmark all tabs..." in Root directory of Settings Menu to save extra clicks

Yes, currently you need to click to open the Settings menu, then click on the Bookmarks sub-menu before you can choose this option. Since I now bookmark and save all pages as a matter of course, being able to have the Bookmark tab and Bookmark all tabs immediately in the Settings menu would be a great time and click saver. I’d also really like the ability to Save Current Tabbed Page and Save All Current Tabbed Pages immediately in the Settings menu too, but I will add this in a new Topic.

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If you right-click (cmd + click on macOS) on a tab, you should see those options in the context menu:

Use the Bookmark icon to the left of the address bar to bookmark the current tab – you can also use the ctrl + d (cmd + d on macOS) to bookmark the current tab:



Thanks! I never noticed those two options before. Maybe because I’ve got such a big monitor! Is it worth putting this information in the Setup procedure when running Brave for the first time?

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