Make Wallet/Brave Rewards compatible with FireTV devices

Please add a way for FireTV devices (They do not come with PlayStore services or the regular Android SafetyNet) to participate on Brave Rewards. But Amazon probably has their own Wallet & secure API’s for this.

I use Brave Browser (Sideloaded) on my Amazon devices (FireTV, Amazon Tablets, etc.) There are millions users & devices but since Amazon uses their own version of Android without the regular PlayStore & SafetyNet Brave Rewards wont get past the first signing stage. It just spins & spins. I thought I was blocking the Brave Rewards servers thru DNS but it loads fine on my Windows Brave Browser.

I actually spend more time using the Brave Browser on my FireTV & Fire Tablets then on my PC or Android Phone. So I would like to participate thru those devices I use the most. If I am going to choose to look at ads. I want for it to be convenient.

While your at it. Adding a FireTV navigation would be appreciated too. Although I easily use a Mouse for navigation right now.

Thanks for the great Browser. It is surely becoming the best option for us private minded folks with each update.

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