Make Brave Portable

Muon was portable why isn’t Brave Core? Will a portable version of Brave Core be available in the future? If so, is there a timeline?


Hi @turbulentio, thanks for joining Community!

At the moment, I believe there are plans for this to happen at some point down the road but right now the team is focused on Brave Ads and our analytics program. :slight_smile: No timeline available for this, I’m afraid – sorry to let you down! Our github at has regular updates and you can track our progress best there.

Hi Asad,
If Brave is serious about a portable version there is an open offer to create one.
His only stipulation was this “if the publisher is interested in having an official portable version”.
Specifically here was his offer: “All that said, if the Brave devs want an official portable version and asked us to do one that they’d also make available to their users, I’d still do it. But I have no interest in maintaining an unofficial version.”

So if you give your permission and offer to make it available he will make it for you.
Is this acceptable?


So Brave wants more ads, more money but not more people using Brave? How about releasing the portable version, so more people use brave (specially on the go) and then more people can have your ads? :expressionless: