Creation of Brave Portable installation

I really believe that the Brave Portable is a must. Almost all serious browsers they have also portable installation variation for portable units. There is no reason to not have Brave Portable. We live in an era of portable devices, hard drives. So i call for this, please.

For my computer(s) i need 2nd Brave installation which will be placed on a portable unit (hard drive) that i use on another computers. I need the Brave “on the fly” or “in the air”, i need one Brave environment sharing many of my computers while i have it on a portable device (USB, hard drives, etc.) -> this is why portable idea exists. And it makes sense!

Let’s make Brave Portable, please!

There’s no plan to have an official portable app afaik.

And why not to reconsider this?? I really miss this.

As “My1” user wrote…
"A portable version, an official one would be crazy awesome."

is this legit?

Same answer @mast3r1. Not an official build.

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hey i didnt think so. THANKS!