Lost most of my BAT after an update

Brave on my Macbook updated automatically because it was due for an update and I hadn’t manually done it. I had more than 6 BAT before the update and now I’m down to 1.7. This has happened to me a couple of times before, but it usually resolves itself after about 5 minutes. This time though I waited the whole day and it still hasn’t given me back the BAT.

I cleared my cache and restarted the browser. Nothing. I checked my Uphold wallet to see if it had deposited it there but also nothing :confused:
Has anyone else experienced this with the latest update?

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The same thing happened to me too.

Have you found any solutions yet? I’ve updated twice since this post and nothing for me

This happened to me as well, though it was a Windows laptop. I went from 16 and change BAT to 0. The BAT had been there for a couple of months. I’ve waited just in case it was processing, but it hasn’t shown up anywhere. Thanks for creating a post on this topic.

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