Lost information

Hello Brave Community, I would like to know if someone can help me, because I had to format my emergency computer, and I have lost all my information, including that of the BRAVE browsers, due to the same action, I could not keep my private keys, Is there any way to recover them? What action do you recommend I take? I hope you can help me. @Asad

Hi there, if you’re talking about your wallet recovery keys, I’m pretty sure there is no way of getting that data back :confused: There’s a reason we tell everyone to back these up I’m afraid. Did you lose any BAT in the process?

Hello! @Asad It’s a real shame :frowning_face:, as for your question, that’s how I’ve lost about 120 BAT adding in the browsers Brave, Brave Beta and Brave Dev. Could you help me in this case in a possible recovery?


PM me please :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do.

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