I need help with recovering wallet seed phrase (have my previous hard drive)

I was breviously using brave for a few years but my pc had issues so i replaced it but i have its full hard drive is it possible to find the seed phrase of my previous wallet somewhere in the system files or something

@whiz_192 seed phrase isn’t stored anywhere where you can just pull it like that. If you could load from the drive and login to your Wallet, you might be able to tell it to backup now and it will give you the seed phrase. However, if you can’t boot from it and have no access, then you’re screwed. And nobody from Brave has a way to be able to look things up or provide you a seed phrase either.

Things like seed phrases are meant to help recover if ever lost or damaged, such as you’re saying might have happened. As such, they should always be stashed somewhere separately from your device, such as in a filing cabinet somewhere, an email, or whatever so that it can be easily recovered.

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