Lost bat all of a sudden ok

I had almost seen 177 advertisement and almost earned 7 to 8 bat coins …and all of a suden I loet everything…give my batcoin backkkkkk!..this is so unfair​:rage::rage::rage::angry:


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HI @Pranav, did your estimated pending rewards drop, or did the BAT disappear from your browser wallet? Thanks in advance!

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Pending rewards dissappeared somehow…but I’ve got 180 notifications and 7 to 8 batcoins completely lost🥺

@Pranav what version are you currently on?

Brave 1.14.83 chromium 85.0.4183.102

You are several versions behind. When you have a moment, please update to https://brave.com/latest/

Ok …will do… thnks…btw if I update will I loose my current bat coin??

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